The Secret Life of the Zoo Season 4 Episode 3 Episode 3

Episode Summary

Air Date: 29th Nov, 2017

Andean bear Lima has a three-month-old cub, but keepers are concerned that her overprotective behaviour may curb its development. And when Lima's back is turned, cub Madidi embarks on an adventure into the paddock next door. The rock hyrax family enjoy the quiet life, spending eight hours a day sitting on their rocks. But they're in for a rude awakening when three new pups are born. For mum Daissie there's no escaping their demands. The pygmy marmosets also have new babies. Mum Audrey has to carry her twins everywhere she goes to ensure their safety. But the whole family is soon on hand to give her a rest. Young elephant Nandita is desperate to make friends with babies Aayu and Indali, but her boisterous behaviour is proving too much for them. Can she learn the maternal skills she needs to win them round and persuade them to go swimming with her?

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