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Life can be difficult when you're different, and being different has left many young people feeling lonely and isolated. Sure, there are support groups online but it's not quite the same as meeting people in person. So what would happen if people with the same condition, who were exactly like them turned up at their door and spent the next few days together? Could being one of the crowd for just a few days help them change the way the live their lives forever?

In each episode one young person struggling with their condition - vitiligo, Tourette's or scarring from burns - will be joined by a group of total strangers living with the same condition who share a bond of understanding that even their own families may struggle to share with them. With the help of their new found friends they will explore how they might help each other overcome their fears and anxieties.

Even your closest friends have never seen you without make up, so what happens when someone turns up who's out and proud and whose vitiligo has made them an online sensation? You're so afraid of your Tourette's Syndrome that you've become a virtual prisoner in your own home - will meeting others just like you encourage you to step outside? If you think people look at you and only see your burns, will other survivors help you see there's more to you?

Premiere Date: Apr/25/2018



Most Recent Episodes

MisFITS Like Us season 1 episode 2

Season 1, Episode 2: Episode 2

26-year-old Aisha has had vitiligo, a skin disorder, since the age of 8. She is so anxious about her condition, she won't leave the house or even open the door unless she has covered the white patches on her skin with heavy make-up.She is joined...

Air Date: May 02, 2018

MisFITS Like Us season 1 episode 3

Season 1, Episode 3: Episode 3

Labonya, a young burns survivor lacking in confidence, is joined by a group of strangers who have all been through the same experience. As the group talk through the traumatic events that changed their life and how they survived, it will be a challen...

Air Date: May 09, 2018

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