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Detectorists season 1 episode 1Episode 1: Buttons

A new comedy about two friends - Andy and Lance - who go searching for their hearts' desire with a couple of metal detectors.

Following a cha...

Air Date: Oct 02, 2014

Detectorists season 1 episode 2Episode 2: Mole

Lance and Andy haven't told anyone that they are hot on the trail of the holy grail of metal detecting - the final resting place of King Sexred of ...

Air Date: Oct 09, 2014

Detectorists season 1 episode 3Episode 3: Buried

Club president Terry is keen to help Lance and Andy search the bottom paddock at Bishop's Farm, but only because he's convinced that's where Larry ...

Air Date: Oct 16, 2014

Detectorists season 1 episode 4Episode 4: Power

Terry announces that he is standing down as leader of the DMDC, unleashing a bitter winner-takes-all scramble for presidential power when Andy and ...

Air Date: Oct 23, 2014

Detectorists season 1 episode 5Episode 5: Dirty Smears

Even though Andy, Lance, Becky and Sophie are barely talking to each other, their secrets are on the verge of being revealed. Are they all just vic...

Air Date: Oct 30, 2014

Detectorists season 1 episode 6Episode 6: Hole

A huge hole has been excavated and police are looking into it. Furthermore, Larry Bishop's invisible dogs have disappeared without trace, and Andy ...

Air Date: Nov 06, 2014