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Cyberwar taps into the geopolitics of hacking and surveillance, Ben Makuch travels the world to meet with hackers, government officials, and dissidents to investigate the ecosystem of cyberwarfare.

Premiere Date: Jul/5/2016

Genre: Crime


Most Recent Episodes

Cyberwar season 1 episode 16

Season 1, Episode 16: The Race for Artificial Intelligence

From self-driving cars to Siri, a race is on to build more powerful AI, but some warn we could be programming our own extinction....

Air Date: Dec 20, 2016

Cyberwar season 2 episode 1

Season 2, Episode 1: The Great Meme War

Ben Makuch shows how memes are the Alt-Right's most powerful weapon in America's online culture war – reshaping the political and ideological landscape....

Air Date: Oct 03, 2017

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